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Dr. Aneel Murarka
Founder - Ample Missiion

What We Do

Ample Missiion is a Social awareness organization founded by Dr Aneel Kashi Murarka in 2015 where we believe in creating a change in society through direct action and awareness campaigns.

We organize award ceremonies to recognise brave hearts who have made a difference in the society through their work and actions. Our esteemed awardees may be common men and women who have exhibited extra-ordinary acts of courage and bravery, policemen, firefighters, army personnel and specially-abled individuals who have achieved profound success in their respective fields.

The Bharat Prerna Awards honours those have risen above their condition, whether it be a physical disability, a mental illness or sensory deprivation, and shown extraordinary feats of courage.

The Shoorveer Awards is a unique initiative that honours common men and women who have done “uncommon” things.

It honours lion hearted individuals i.e. people who have known no fear and pursued extraordinary acts of bravery often at the expense of their lives.

Awards Zindagi Ke honours the supreme valour, courage and dedication of the unsung heroes who have selflessly devoted and sacrificed their lives for our country.

Salutations to the brave martyrs and true heroes of the Indian Armed Forces, Coast Guard, Police and Fire Department!

We also produce PSA Films to raise awareness on issues that plague the society.

Our two most popular films are #DontLetHerGo featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Kangana Ranaut which focuses on the importance of cleanliness, and #11Minutes featuring Sunny Leone which talks about the harmful effects of smoking.

We coordinate with various NGOs, schools and colleges all over India where we organise exclusive activities, workshops, and seminars in collaboration to help their voices reach the youth and public!

Furthermore, we often simply go out on the road with our team of volunteers to raise awareness about trending issues!