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Shoorveer Awards – 2019

The Shoorveer Awards is a unique initiative that honours common men and women who have done “uncommon” things. Team Ample is back with the 5th Edition of the Shoorveer Awards. The event took place at the prestigious Bombay Stock Exchange on June 23rd, 2019.

Watch the event here!

Community Outreach Activities

To teach people the true value of our award shows, Team Ample carries out many awareness campaigns in the days leading to the award show! Check out the activities we have planned.

#SummerShoorveers, Team Ample saved people from the sun’s heat!

Sports Day!   To help children realise the difficulties faced by the specially-abled


Reji Thomas – A Father to 28 HIV-positive children

Mumtaz Chand Patel – A Mother knows no religion

Bhargsetu Sharma – A Braveheart and animal rescuer

Seema Waghmode – A mother to sex workers and their children

Reshma Pathan – India’s First Stunt Woman

Pushpa Preeya – A Penman for the specially abled

Gulafsha Ansari – Bend it like Gulafsha!

Sufiya Shaikh – You don’t need to give birth to be a mother!

Ketan Chodvadiya – Surat Hero who saved several from a burning building