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Bharat Prerna Awards 2019

‘Bharat Prerna Awards‘ honours those have risen above their condition, whether it be a physical disability, a mental illness or sensory deprivation, and shown extraordinary feats of courage. This year was the 3rd Edition of the Bharat Prerna Awards. The event took place at the prestigious Bombay Stock Exchange on June 23rd.

Watch the event here!

Community Outreach Activities

To teach people the true value of our award shows, Team Ample carries out many awareness campaigns in the days leading to the award show! Check out the activities we have planned.

#SummerShoorveers, Team Ample saved people from the sun’s heat!

Sports Day!   To help children realise the difficulties faced by the specially-abled


Sushil Shimpi – An accident couldn’t stop him from scaling mountains

Divin Visariya – A winner all the way!

Samir Kakkad – The Man who made driving a reality for the disabled

Karan Shah – The Animal Whisperer

Deepak Saini – An inspiration for the teenagers today!

Shabana Aziz – Para-Sports & National Wheelchair Basketball Champion

Sagar Patil – Talent is mightier than words!

Sarika Jain – A Polio affected brave heart who cleared the IRS Exam

Virag Shah – An accident couldn’t stop him from achieving his dreams

Kamlesh Patel – Dance is the hidden language of the soul

Pooja Shah – A Dreamer, an achiever, a winner!