Deepak Saini

Deepak Saini

At an age when teenagers are enjoying their new-found freedom, Deepak Saini found himself in a deep pit of sadness and hopelessness. At the age of 17, he lost his left leg in an unfortunate train accident and life was never the same again. After spending about a week in the hospital, he learned that he was missing his left leg from below the hip. Shocked beyond belief, he was angry and bitter at how he was suddenly rendered handicapped. The turning point in his life came when a group, started by Major DP Singh, India’s first Bladerunner, came across a video of Deepak playing cricket and invited him to be a part of the group. He was also featured on Humans of Bombay where his story was liked by over 10k people. He mentions how an Instagram post changed everything for him. He participates in marathons, has joined the cricket club and lives life to the fullest.


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