Check out the latest Olympics at the tribal villages of Aarey Colony

The Samarpn Tribalympics

A sports day for children to help them understand the struggles of the differently-abled.

The Ample Team conducted a sports day on 26th May, 2019, with the children of Aarey Colony, Mumbai. The aim of the sports day was to highlight the challenges faced by PwDs and highlight those who have shown courage to rise up and achieve great things.

The Events

It consisted of 8 major events, which included individual events such as the Sack race, Lemon and Spoon race, Object race. One legged race and the Straw Transfer race. There were group events as well including the Blind Obstacle run, Three legged race, and Tug of War.

Sack race

The sack race allowed the children to feel partly handicapped, and experience what it’s like to walk with crutches. It aroused empathy and respect for the specially-abled members of our society.

Lemon and Spoon race

This classic fun race helped children realise the immense talent and effort of mouth painters who produce beautiful masterpieces with brush strokes from their mouth.

Object race

Our next event at Samarpn Tribalympics, The Object Race was aimed to help the children understand that life may give you many roadblocks, but how you deal with it will determine success or failure.

One-legged Race

The one-legged race at Samarpn Tribalympics was aimed at creating an understanding among the children that despite the physical difficulties faced by our specially abled friends they do not let anything come in the way of their dreams.

Partner Obstacle Race

The Partner Obstacle Race at Samarpn Tribalympics was dedicated to signifying the unyielding love and care the families of the specially abled extend. It is this affection that helps them through their journey of life to make it to the finish line graciously.

Straw Transfer Race

This simple game of transferring beans form one glass to another with the help of a straw gave the children a feel of how mouth-painting artists design beautiful paintings without using their hands.

Three-legged race

Walking with the help of crutches can feel like a hindrance for those who use it. With the three-legged race that is exactly what we made the children experience where their legs were tied with their partners and they had to successfully make it till the end together.

Tug of War

A test of strength combined with fun was our final event for the children at Samarpn Tribalympics. Two teams pitted on the opposite ends of the rope used all their might and displayed true teamwork to lead their players to victory!

Behind the Scenes

Tonnes of work went into planning the event. The Ample team worked day in and day out to pack gifts, arrange food, conduct a reccee, etc. Here are some picture of our hard work!