Don’t drink a pint of beer, donate a pint of blood!

Blood Donation at Jogeshwari!

Don’t drink a pint of beer, donate a pint of blood!

Team Ample collaborated with the Syed Us Sufiya Foundation and Modern Youth Association to organise a blood donation camp in the slums near Jogeshwari. The event was highly successful as more than 300 donors came forward!

This campaign was unique because it challenged an age old Muslim practice of Shia Muslims whipping and beating themselves to mourn the death of Imam Hussain, Prophet Muhammad’s grandson.

We asked people to donate their blood, instead of simply wasting it based on centuries old practices. The campaign was named Hussainity for Humanity. The motive was to encourage the new progressive generation of the Muslim community to come forward and challenge an ancient barbaric practice.

It was Ample’s first time organising or participating in a blood donation camp. We were in charge of the logistics and registrations! Our team learnt a lot about the importance of getting all the donors’ details right, especially their blood group and the criteria that determine whether or not they’re fit for donating blood.

Check out the video for more details!