Saluting the Selfless with the Next Gen!

Saluting the Selfless with the Next Gen!

Team Ample at the H ward Science exhibition, Mumbai!

With just a few days left for our show ‘Awards Zindagi Ke’ – where we honour the supreme
valour, courage and dedication of the unsung heroes who selflessly devote and sacrifice their
lives for our country, Team Ample planned a fun event to spread awareness on the issue
among the young minds.

We set up stalls at the Goregaon and Malad stations and offered the refreshing beverage to people who wanted to quench their thirst. It was amazing how, simply, a glass of lemonade goes a long way in winning people’s hearts! Check it out!

In the battlefield, we rely on our soldiers hitting their targets! It is of utmost importance! We
thought we’d teach the future leaders of our country this skill in a different way! We made
the children play target games like basketball & ring toss.

We also wanted to encourage the children to use Eco-friendly products to save our Mother
Earth. The participants were gifted with Paper bags and Seed Pencils – A pencil which will
grow into a plant after use.

Winners who hit the bulls-eye were presented with First-aid kits.

It was a joyful occasion where the kids, teachers & the entire team went home feeling

Jai Hind!