Goregaon: Living under a flyover, we fed them every Friday!

Meals under a flyover!

Feeding over 100 homeless people under a flyover in Mumbai!

Ample Missiion offers free food to around 100 men, women, and children once a week. We started our initiative feeding the poor living under the Goregaon flyover, near Oberoi mall. These people are mostly migrants, homeless and make a daily living selling trinkets of all kind near the traffic signals.

Initially when we began distribution of Food packets during the lunch hours, the people were very ill-mannered and never queued-up. Team Ample led by the Creator of Meals from Maa – Mrs Sangeeta Murarka tried to connect with the elders of the families by understanding their problems and needs. This earned us their trust and cooperation facilitating smooth distribution of food distribution thereafter.

Please feel free to join us or help us find more locations! You can call us or write to us at ample.missiion@gmail.com