Kelti Pada: Water, 10 km away. Light, 2 hours a day Food? Served at home.

#MealsfromMaa at Kelti Pada

Providing meals to people living in the forest

In a remote tribal village in the Aarey Milk Colony, located in the middle of Mumbai, the inhabitants face several challenges on a daily basis. This includes struggling for water, electricity and paved roads. We decided to help them deal with one of their struggles, food.

Every Saturday afternoon, as the children came running back from school, they found hot food served at village temple. Women took an afternoon off and spent quality time, not worrying about whether or not lunch can be made. Men, from the CRPF quarters nearby, came and happily accepted meals made by a mother.

The essence of Meals from Maa came alive in Kelti Pada, where 8 year olds to 80 year olds enjoyed the hot meal. Our dream was to provide for as many different age demographics as possible. It came true! The locals were so grateful that they surprised us with a few local jaamuns. We’d never tasted anything so perfect before!