On World Toilet Day, BPA Awardee Karan Shah making a world of difference!!

#WorldToiletDay 2019

#AccessibleToilets – Attention authorities!

Mumbai has a meagre 163 disabled-friendly toilets, BMC data suggests that for every 835 Mumbaikars, there is just one toilet for the differently-abled.

Karan Shah, is a 21-year-old differently-abled certified canine trainer and behaviourist who travels around the city with his dog Angel giving motivational talks in schools, NGOs, old age homes etc. His work is focused on helping disabled people lead a happier and better live with the help of pet animals. It was during his travels that Karan realised how there was a huge shortage of accessible public toilets.

Most public toilets are not accessible for wheelchair users – absence of any ramps and are not designed for disabled people. After facing this frequently, Karan decided to raise his voice and started an Online Signature Campaign to highlight the issue. The campaign #AccessibleToilets got much support and has won Karan the Bharat Prerna Award 2019 instituted by Ample Mission – the award recognises exceptional abilities of people with disabilities.

After months of rigorously pursuing to the Municipal authorities and local administration, Karan’s demand has finally been accepted. Now 3 public toilets have been made completely disable friendly and many more are on the way to becoming accessible for people like him whom he refers to as “Differently-normal”.

Karan says this is just the beginning of his fight for equal rights and is also trying to get the attention of the authorities towards Mumbai’s footpath. “I have realised that even footpaths aren’t wheelchair friendly, for which I have written to the BMC and am awaiting a response” he said.

More power to you Karan, Team Ample fully supports your Campaign #AccessibleToilets. On World Toilet Day we are proud to share your life story and your #DemandForBasicNeeds as a reminder for others to derive inspiration from you to make a positive difference in the society at large.

Click the link below to Sign and support Karan’s campaign – http://chng.it/hhspb2CD