Modi Govt: What worked, what didn’t and still months to go!

17th September – Narendra Modi’s birth anniversary

Narendra Modi was the star campaigner of BJP for the 2014 general elections, with promises which have been related to the masses of India. Modi coming to power promised ‘AchheDin’ (Good Days) for the people. 4 years have passed since then, today on his Birthday here’s the facts of his Success & Failures!!


1. Cleanliness was the important tool which BJP took as property to act on the huge stage i.e. India. Swachh Bharat (Clean India) was a huge mass drive which initiated with making of toilets across India.

2. India’s global presence is said to have become stronger ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came into power. At one point, he was also criticised for his international trips. However, in the four years of Modi as PM, India’s bilateral ties with major economies have improved.

3. Rural electrification has been a major policy success. The pace of rural electrification has been quickest in India’s history – pre- and-post Independence.

4. Other standout successes have been the Jan Dhan Yojana, which has created over 312 million new bank accounts, the direct benefit transfer (DBT) scheme, which has significantly cut pilferage, and subsidised LPG cylinders for the poor.

5. Through the 2016 surgical strikes conducted by the Indian Army across the Line of Control (LoC), the government exhibited its political willingness to take on the country’s adversaries showing a new mettle.


1. Demonetisation was poorly executed by the MoF. GST is burdened by an unnecessarily complex architecture. The result: an alienated middle-class, aggrieved traders and unhappy businessmen.

2. Modi and his brigade talk about Rafale deal of UPA-II being corrupt. When they have re-done the whole deal with exorbitant price hike of the aircraft they take shield under the secrecy of Defence ministry and not to discuss it in public domain.

3. ‘Make in India’ is not a scheme but an initiative aimed at creating a conducive environment for investment, opening up new sectors for foreign investments and forging a partnership between government and industry. Private and foreign investors have reacted cautiously while others gave it a slip. Make In India is yet another false, fabricated and failed scheme of Modi government.

4. Just like the much hyped Skill Development Programme, which has yielded insignificant results. Modi’s whole strategy of job creation was doomed from the beginning. It was based on a misconception that all you need is some skills and some few lakh rupees and prosperity will embrace even the poorest. This idyllic vision was never going to work.

5. The fuel prices have spun out of control. The Union government was doing virtually nothing to control rising prices of petrol and diesel. Modi had failed in tackling price rise and that the government had shown no sympathy for the middle class and the poor.

There are still months to go and we need to put up with this government and can only hope for Acche din to come…