A day which recognizes the efforts of the postal department!

National Postal Day – The 10th October.

Indian postal department celebrates 10th October as the National Postal Day to acknowledge the imperativeness of the postal system. New postal products, schemes and services are introduced on this day to the public.

Though we live in the Digital age of communication through smartphone, speed courier service, fax machines and emails, yet the significance of postal services cannot be evaded. Postal service is still the largest mode of communication in our country.

Remember to appreciate and thank the humble postman and the numerous postal staff both men and women who work consistently and diligently to deliver all of our letters and packages. These employees suffer some of the harshest working conditions, but yet continue to persevere six days a week. Take time out to thank your local postman in whatever way possible to uplift his spirits.

Indian postal service is an integral part of India. Whether it’s a military person sending letters to his family from the borders or a village farmer dispatching money to his son receiving education in a city, postal services have always helped in unifying India and its population. It is not easy to operate postal services in India with such diversity in culture, tradition, multiple languages and difficult geographical terrains. Yet, the Indian postal department has kept serving the nation with admirable zeal and enthusiasm. It shows a different facet of the nation that binds us and brings us close to one another.

It’s time the government should modernise the sinking postal department through upgraded services and efficient operation methods to utilise the full strength of the vast network of the post offices and attract more customers, including younger generation. If needed they should tie up with corporate houses to tap all the avenues & markets to be able to withstand the challenges that lies ahead.