A day which celebrates a teacher’s true value and prominence in our lives as well as in the world!

World Teachers’ Day

Today 5th October is declared by UNESCO as World Teachers’ Day. Over 100 countries observe World Teachers’ Day. In India, Teachers’ Day is a day of great cross-national celebrations. The observance of this special day all over the world signifies the importance of teachers in our lives.

Here is one such inspiring Teacher-Principal Ms Soma Das. Team Ample Missiion had the privilege to speak to her on this special day about her views and challenges in today’s educational world. Ms Soma Das from Rev C F Andrews School in Santacruz, Mumbai believes, “Getting every child into school isn’t enough. I strongly feel for a child; education begins at home when they learn looking at their parents. Therefore, it is imperative to educate the parents first. They need to be made aware to lead a disciplined lifestyle, to be a role model, and should impart and imbibe good values in the children. In addition, they should educated them about the importance of education and value of time.” Further she elaborated, “Kids learn learn various aspects of a student’s life too.”

She says, “Once in school, the teachers assume their duties to engage, support and impart them quality education through their teaching skills and patience. That’s where good teachers are the backbone of the institution.” She also adds, “We also need qualified, well-trained teachers who are motivated and compensated well with dignity to deliver desired results academically.”

The celebrations of Teachers’ Day are one of the best memories for a teacher and mentor. The day is embarked as an important occasion in schools and colleges. We all have our favourite ideal teachers. We asked Ms Soma Das, who her ideal teachers was – who influenced her the most during her student days? The answer was quick, and she said “It’s my father Mr Jyotish Chandra Paul. He guided me a lot when I was in school and later in college. He guided and motivated me to chose my subjects and encouraged me to pursue my PG in Geography which I did. He taught me Geography, History and English. He was my mentor in all forms.”

She acknowledges, “I learn a lot from everyone, even from my students, fellow teachers and associates.”

Teaching is the most persuasive job and a big responsibility. We asked Ms Soma Das a teachers’ role in today’s world and what the necessary qualities they need to be effective in this digital age? To which she shared her opinion, “Students of this generation are deeply affected by their teachers. They strive to get attention and yearn for their love and affection. They are imitating them in every way, especially the young kids. According to my years of experience in this profession, I feel an effective teacher needs to work wholeheartedly, develop love for the children and deal with them very sympathetically. They should have a deep sense of dedication to all as each student is different. A student coming to school is like a bundle of soft mud and it’s up to the teacher to mould that mud into a great personality. Imparting knowledge is one aspect, but to study the student’s unique characteristics and then educate them in a style in which they understand is an important quality of an effective teacher” she concludes.

Quality education needs good teachers. To achieve universal primary education by 2030, the world needs 25.8 million more teachers. There is a need of funds and appropriate strategies to get qualified teachers into classrooms if we hope to achieve education for all, especially the most marginalised.